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Anonymous asked:
You're so pretty! I love your hairrrrr.

Aww you are too kind! Thankyou!
*gives a easter bunny* x 

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120 followers.. I love you all, even though i have no reason why you follow me and barely get spoken to, i still love every one of you x
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  • twitter side of the fandom: drama drama fOLLOW ME FOLLOW ME drama
  • facebook side of the fandom: COME TO *a list of 123432 countries*
  • tumblr side of the fandom: i can see his dick through his pants
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when a bunch of your favorite artists release new music at the same time

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For Sixpenceee’s -creepiest thing i have ever seen-

Right so.. sixpenceee… lets just say you’ll find this one interesting. 

This happened about 3 years ago now when i was 17. On the 15th of June. The night had always been uneasy for me as i always had this feeling that something unhuman was in the house. 
I looked at the time and it said 10:57pm. It was then that i noticed something in my room, a 7ft black figure, nothing like i have ever seen before. It reminded me of the legend “owl man”, but it was not that. 7ft, jet black, human-like body, large head, cat-like ears on the top, arms of a bird, no feet, no knees visible, and large white eyes. (i’ll make a drawing of it soon when i can).
I could tell that it knew me from how it was looking at me.. but then it happened.. it grew in size as it began to make a demonic scream and launched at me, i quickly looked at the clock that said 10:57pm, i blinked and felt dizzy, i quickly looked at the clock again… 5am. 
I have no idea where time went or what had even happened, so i thought it was a dream, until i saw the scratches on my leg. 
The following week i get an anonymous random contact on my MSN. They were typing in Latin. I asked who they were and why they want me. 
This was the reply “I am the one that came to you at 10:57pm 15th of the June. Why i want you, you’ll find out in time.” *this user is now offline* 
Since then, i have not heard from it again, but i do get many nights where i see glimpses of figures in and outside the house, i never feel alone. 

((i am not making this up, i have a strong belief in the paranormal and supernatural and spiritual. Take what you want from this. If you don’t believe me then good for you.))

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I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone.
Dan Howell (via jeanlucdiscard)

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How rape trials should go?
  • Lawyer: Did he rape her?
  • Witness: Yes, but she was drunk and passed out.
  • Lawyer: That's not what I asked. Did he rape her?
  • Witness: Yes, but she was wearin-
  • Lawyer: I didn't ask what she was wearing. Did he rape her?
  • Witness: Yes, but-
  • Lawyer: I didn't ask anything else. It's just a simple yes or no answer. Did he rape her?
  • Witness: Yes.
  • Laywer: Yes, he raped her.
  • Rape is rape is rape, no matter the context.
  • *added on*
  • And yet if a woman were to rape a man, the woman would not get as bad of a punishment as a man would, or people would claim that the man is using the word rape as an excuse or that he secretly liked it.
  • I really hate society with a passion
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How the sky would look if the planets were as close as the moon























JUPITER. Holy fuck

What about if Earth had rings?

What would that look like




this is like porn i love space



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